Corporate Match Race

13-14 September 2014 Yacht Club of Greece


Press Release 11/9/2011

High participation of corporate teams in the 2nd Corporate Match Race.


Great success and high level of competition characterized the second Corporate Match Race held on September 10th and 11th at the Yacht Club of Greece. The event, in which sailing teams of executives from all industries participated, was organized by HERMES YACHTING and THINK BLUE under the auspices of the Yacht Club of Greece. For second consecutive year, the winning team was the one of Accenture.

The Corporate Match Race is an important event that aspires to a long and steady presence. Its’ purpose is to join corporate sailing teams and to promote competitiveness and sportsmanship. The matches began on Saturday, September 10 between 12 teams from various business sectors. The anxiety for this year’s winner culminated in duels between the companies on Sunday afternoon. The final results highlighted the winner of the event to be team Accenture 1 leaving teams and Wind 1 Wind 2 in the second and third place respectively.

All operators of the event, race committees, sponsors and participants, were more than happy with the outcome and the second Corporate Match Race, which seems to have achieved its objective: to bring close to the sea and sailing, employees of companies of any kind and industry. The 12 crews participating in a year particularly difficult for businesses is a very good omen for the future. The creation of corporate sailing teams can bring many benefits to the companies: It is known that in tough competition conditions, the company that becomes the market leader is the one with the best and most bonded team.

The next appointment for the corporate teams is the next Corporate Match Race that will take place on the 15th and 16th of September 2012.

Photos of event

Press Release 6/9/2010

Triumph of Accenture in the first Corporate Match Race!


All the matches between the companies that participated in the first Corporate Match Race, held at the premises of the Yacht Club of Greece in Piraeus were completed late on Sunday afternoon.

Team Accenture 2 became the winner of the event after an excellent appearance without defeats. They have been accompanied at the podium by winning teams Vodafone 1 and Accenture1 in the second and third place respectively. The winner has been decided virtually in the last matches since up until the last minute the top three teams had the same number of victories.

Organizers and sponsors are very satisfied with the first event of its kind, which aims to bring employees of all sectors near the sea and the sport of sailing. They believe that entries of next year’s event will be at least twice as much. The amount of entries that have been gathered in a particularly difficult year for businesses is a particularly good omen for the future.

The formation of corporate sailing teams can have many benefits for companies: It is known that under tough corporate competition, the company which becomes the leader in its market is the one with the best and more bonded team. Yacht racing and especially match race is the best way to enhance team bonding and to pass important business values such as teamwork and hard work, to the crew.

All companies have renewed their appointment for the next Corporate Match Race, a year from now, at September 10 and 11, 2011.

Photos of event

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